Campus Partners

Clubs & Affiliates

We are proud to support a number of student-led efforts to promote social change while building skills and experiences that last well beyond their time at school. The most direct way for students to engage with the Center’s mission and priorities is as Student Liaisons. Other student-led efforts are below.

Student-led Social Impact organizations

These student organizations drive many worthwhile opportunities for social impact!

Ross Impact Alliance

The Impact Alliance is an association of “impact-oriented” student clubs, institutes, and centers at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business with the objective to collaborate and coordinate efforts among groups with aligned interests and memberships. As the emerging impact space has various forms and interest areas, we stay connected through common goals across lines.

The participants include presidents from most of the clubs listed above, as well as centers, institutes, and critical support units such as career services. The student leadership roles rotate among the impact clubs and the alliance convenes annually with Business+Impact to determine yearly initiatives.