Sponsored Internships

If you are a Ross School of Business MBA or BBA student looking for a challenging, high-level, paid summer project at a nonprofit organization or social enterprise, consider applying to our Impact Corps consulting internship program. Impact Corps offers a variety of projects, including marketing, strategic planning, new business development, and civic consulting with top nonprofits and social enterprises across the world.

Because the Center subsidizes costs by raising private funds to support intern salaries, you receive market-rate compensation for your work. Find more details in our internship section.

Summer Internship Funding

Each summer, the Center awards competitive grants for nonprofit and public management internships to students pursuing graduate degrees in the Ford School of Public Policy and the School of Social Work. Grants are also available for both MBA and BBA students in the Ross School of Business.

This opportunity enables students to receive a stipend for summer internships they find and pursue independently, in addition to project management, research, and industry expertise support from the Center.

Learn more about internship funding in our summer internship funding section.