2017 Preferred Internships

The Center for Social Impact is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with a number of organizations to offer competitively paid summer internships in 2017.  These internships are offered to masters students and BBA juniors, with primary consideration given to Ross students. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so early submission in March 2017 is advised.

Applications for this program are closed for 2017

Applications for internship funding are also made available yearly through our Summer Fund.


Ashoka - Washington, DC


  • Internship Location: Washington, DC or remote
  • Website:
  • Org Description: Ashoka is the premier international organization directed at social entrepreneurship and everyone becoming a changemaker. It supports leading edge efforts around the world, shifting both practices and attitudes about creating a more inclusive world.



  • New Media Innovations – Internship filled
    • Work directly with the Director of Global Media Partnerships to assess the efficacy of new media innovations.
    • Interview and develop a methodology to find patterns among the profiles of Ashoka Fellows, who are among the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.
    • Interview and analyze representatives from alternative media platforms.
    • Produce a final report for funders like Facebook, Google, Omidyar, Knight, etc. who are contemplating the role new forms of communication and media play in serving journalism’s civic function of ensuring the health of a functioning democracy.

Cooperative Business Ventures - Detroit, MI

Cooperative Business Ventures

  • Internship Location: Detroit Area



  • Business Planning for Start Up – Internship filled
    CBV is a startup that is looking to help youth that are transitioning into adulthood to start their own business in areas that don’t require advanced learning or education.  Some initial concepts include a local moving company, painting company, landscaping amongst others.  Financial support via grants and partnerships is envisioned.  Assistance is needed in building the business plan and launching the 1st pilot business by end of summer 2017.Expectation is to have the 1st business (jointly owned by 4 youth in collaboration with StarrVista) operating at a functional level by end of September 2017.

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

  • Internship Location: Detroit, MI
  • Website:
  • Org Description: The Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) was formed to address food insecurity in Detroit’s Black community, and to organize members of that community to play a more active leadership role in the local security movement



  • Detroit People’s Food Co-op launch
    DBCFSN is in the process of developing a food co-op in Detroit’s historic North End serving the urban, predominantly African American, low and moderate-income community.  This member-owned coop will serve nutritious, fresh food where it is often inaccessible or unaffordable. With the projected launch year of 2018, DBCFSN would like assistance in developing a community marketing plan for the coop.

Focus: HOPE - Detroit, MI

Focus: HOPE

  • Internship Location: Detroit, MI
  • Website:
  • Org Description: Focus: HOPE is a civil and human rights organization formed in 1968 with the goal of using practical and intelligent action to overcome racism, poverty and injustice. To accomplish this goal, Focus: HOPE takes three main approaches – Food, Careers, and Community – providing monthly food packages to more than 43,000 people a month, providing pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training for in-demand industries, and implementing a place-based comprehensive community development approach.



  • HOPE Village Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools
    Freedom Schools are summer and after-school enrichment programs that use social-justice oriented reading and STEM curricula to educate strong, literate, and empowered young people. Focus: HOPE’s program began in 2016 and aims to expand significantly in 2017. Various intern opportunities:

    • Develop a sustainable funding plan that will enable Freedom Schools to expand and meet the high demand among HOPE Village children and families.
    • Engage in fundraising activities, including grant-writing, prospect research, and event planning
    • Lead program finance operations, including preparing budget and tracking expenses/revenue
    • Develop marketing strategy and increase program visibility among various audiences.
  • HOPE Village Initiative – Business Planning
    HVI is a long-term, comprehensive, place-based initiative designed to radically change the odds of success for children, their families and the neighborhoods surrounding Focus: HOPE’s campus. HVI is seeking a business analysis and plan of a possible service provider role using best practices learned from HVI programming and operations, to contract with nonprofits, municipalities, and other entities. Intern responsibilities:

    • Conduct a feasibility assessment and develop a business plan for the concept.
  • Finance
    Intern responsibilities:

    • Assist the finance department in preparing the FY2018 budgets.
    • Report directly to the Chief Financial Officer and gain a better understanding of the role that finance can play in a nonprofit setting.
    • Interact with Human Resources, Development, and Programming staff.
  • Workforce Development and Education – Strategic Planning – Internship filled
    WDE has a long track-record of providing accessible, high-quality work readiness, pre-apprenticeship, and apprenticeship programs in a range of in-demand career fields to underserved and minority members of Detroit/Southeast Michigan. We are considering offering training in new industries and seek help with the planning process. Intern responsibilities:

    • Conduct sub-sector analyses to inform WDE about the landscape within each of the proposed industry sectors (e.g., construction, transportation, manufacturing, IT, retail/hospitability, healthcare), including competitors, cost of entry, SWOT analysis and target populations.
    • Advise WDE strategic planning process.

Global Fairness Initiative - Washington, DC

Global Fairness Initiative

  • Internship Location: Washington, DC
  • Website:
  • Org Description: Global Fairness Initiative promotes a more equitable, sustainable approach to economic development for the world’s working poor by advancing fair wages, equal access to markets, and balanced public policy to generate opportunity and end the cycle of poverty.



  • Start Up Planning and Development
    Global Fairness Initiative is launching a new entity, Better Brick – Nepal. BBN will strive to create a critical mass of “better” brick kilns, meaning that they are certified as being child, forced, and bonded labor-free and adhere to other decent working conditions. BBN will help promote and accelerate the certification process and this internship will focus on developing BBN – including its legal status as a for-profit, nonprofit, or potentially hybrid — and business models for its financial sustainability.

LegWorks - San Francisco, CA


  • Internship Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Website:
  • Org Description: LegWorks is a for-profit social enterprise that designs, manufactures, and sells high quality prosthetic devices. Products are sold around the world using a tiered pricing structure to increase access in underserved communities. LegWorks’ mission is to ensure all amputees globally can walk with confidence.


  • Series A Raise
    To date, LegWorks has raised $1.7M, primarily from government funders, impact investors, and small health funds. LegWorks’ CEO is looking for a right hand who can assist with getting materials ready for raising a Series A in Q3 2017. Learn how for-profit social enterprises raise money to expand by helping one do so. Responsibilities will include:

    • Refining the pitch deck
    • Building a scenario analyses for pro forma model
    • Researching and negotiating valuation
    • Researching funders that understand the model
    • Prepping due diligence documents

Reliable Software Resources - Northville, MI

Reliable Software Resources

  • Internship Location: Northville, MI
  • Website:
  • Org Description: Reliable Software provides high-value, industry specific IT solutions and is a pure-play IT project implementation and system integration company with cost effective delivery model for its clients



  • Start Up Business Planning – Under/un-employed Youth and IT
    Reliable Software is building an IT training center in Detroit and intends to provide training for unemployed and underemployed individuals and to provide entry level job placement in the IT industry. Reliable has 4 interested major corporations that will onboard successful graduates and is looking for an intern to help build and initiate the business plan by end of summer 2017.

Social Enterprise Greenhouse - Providence, RI

Social Enterprise Greenhouse

  • Internship Location: Providence, RI
  • Website:
  • Org Description: Based in Rhode Island, Social Enterprise Greenhouse helps grow businesses that change lives, harnessing the creative energy of its entrepreneurs to cultivate high impact, purpose-driven, sustainable businesses.


  • Work with SEG staff and board leadership to execute and develop SEG’s new initiative, “Mainstreaming Impact”. This initiative will include two main program efforts:
    • Business conversion and transformation, mainly helping to develop and execute the Best for Rhode Island Campaign; and
    • Explore new capital access strategies for SEG including launching an impact investing angel group, and the viability of SEG making equity investments in some of its later stage portfolio companies.

StarrVista - Detroit, MI


  • Internship Location: Detroit, MI
  • Website:
  • Org Description: StarrVista is a Care Management Organization that is focused on assisting Detroit area youth that have been involved in the criminal justice system to reorient their lives and prepare them for adulthood where they can be contributing and beneficial members of society.



  • Start Up Planning and Development
    Work collaboratively with selected youth to build and implement the business plan…including implementing the marketing, pricing strategy, how to prepare a quote, assembling the equipment needed, creating the presentation that would be presented to the board of directors to secure the funding, etc…Intern would be intimately involved in every aspect — fleshing out the idea, building the plan, selling the vision to the board, getting the first customer, and more.

Torrent Consulting - Ann Arbor, MI

Torrent Consulting

  • Internship Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Website:
  • Org Description: Ann Arbor-based Torrent Consulting was named the 164th Fastest Growing Company in 2016 by INC Magazine. Their growth was spurred on by the desire to build something greater, a third way of business that produces greater growth than traditional businesses on Wall Street and greater impact than oftentimes resource-constrained nonprofits. Torrent Consulting pushes clients to re-think business built around their customer and on a single platform, namely, In less than 5 years, Torrent has grown to 75 employees, 300 clients and 5 hub office locations. They are a national thought leader in building businesses on the Cloud.



  • Vision & Strategy for Torrent Social Impact
    Work closely with Torrent’s co-Founder and President/Visionary (Phil Brabbs) to determine the methodology and framework to Build Something Greater: An approach to building Social Impact into the business model at Torrent. Specific responsibilities include:

    • Identify and reach out to leading businesses and individuals in the Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact movement.
    • Develop questionnaire for discovery analysis with social impact investors and social entrepreneurs.
    • Research and document local and global approaches to solving societal problems through the use of entrepreneurship and high scale value creation. Identify common challenges, opportunities and patterns
    • Create 10 year vision framework for Torrent Community of Businesses (leaning on model developed by Zingerman’s as a benchmark.

Urban Ashes - Saline, MI

Urban Ashes

  • Internship Location: Saline, MI
  • Website:
  • Org Description: Urban Ashes manufactures hand-made furniture and picture frames from salvaged and de-constructed wood, diverting tons of wood from landfills. It also “repurposes” human lives, relying on a workforce of ex-felons and at-risk community members, and providing them with meaningful employment.



  • Financing and Business Development – Internship filled
    Urban Ashes is ready to expand into new product lines and sales outlets. Its plan includes hiring 25+ new employees in the next 3-5 years, which would result in diverting 400 tons of wood from landfills. This internship would help Urban Ashes

    • Review its supply chain in an effort to scale its production
    • Identify, assess, and secure new investment to support its expansion

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