Impact Corps – Academic Year

Program Overview

The Center for Social Impact offers a unique opportunity for Ross School of Business students to gain deep exposure to the opportunities and challenges faced by social enterprises. By working alongside Detroit-based mission-centered businesses, students develop skills and perspectives important for balancing social mission with financial sustainability. During the school year, students are treated as part of the organization in which they are placed, and receive ongoing feedback during the placement.

High Level Syllabus:

  • Early October – Applications due
  • Early October – First Meeting of students with organizations
  • Late October – Interview with selected organization
  • November-April – Seminars monthly
  • November-April – Onsite and offsite work with selected organization
  • Late March – Deliverable draft prepared
  • Late April – Final Project due
  • Students have weekly mandatory meetings with faculty throughout

For more further information, contact Prof. Michael Gordon at

First Year

During the 2015-16 academic year, the Center for Social Impact partnered with Rebel Nell and Dandelion to engage a select number of students in completing 6-month projects that were both timely and relevant to each respective organization.  During the first year, the program was offered as an independent study.

2016-17 Year

During the 2016-17, the Impact Corps Academic Year was offered as a 3-credit course. Read all about this course in this post from September, 2016. Participating students were given the choice to continue their placement during the summer through a competitively-paid Impact Corps Consulting internship.  The following SE Michigan organizations worked with U-M students during the 2016-17 academic year: