IMPACT Courses



Ross School of Business

Fall ’17

MBA Courses

Functional Area
Course Name
Course No.
Term Offered
ManagementGoverning Nonprofit OrganizationsBA 601Fall 17 (B)
StrategyBusiness Strategies for the Base of the PyramidBA 612Fall 17 (B)
CommunicationPositive Business CommunicationBCOM 530Fall 17
Law / Public PolicyHealth Care Markets and Public PoliciesBE 608Fall 17 (B)
Law / Public PolicyWashington CampusBL 688Fall 17 (A)
FinanceIntroduction to MicrofinanceES 644Fall 17 (B)
ManagementManaging ChangeMO 414Fall 17
ManagementTopics in Strategic Human Capital ManagementMO 567Fall 17 (B)
ManagementLeading with ValuesMO 620Fall 17 (A)
ManagementLeading Non-Profit OrganizationsMO 672Fall 17 (A)
OtherErb Institute SeminarSTRATEGY 525Fall 17 (B)
StrategyInnovation in Global Health DeliverySTRATEGY 562Fall 17 (A)
StrategyStrategies for GrowthSTRATEGY 672Fall 17
OtherBusiness in Society STRATEGY 680Fall 17 (A)
MarketingGlobal Supply Chain Management (MKT 640)TO 620Fall 17
OperationsInnovation in Global Health DeliveryTO 563Fall 17 (A)

Cause Related Courses

Cause Area
Course Name
Affiliated School
Course No.
Term Offered
Children, Youth, and EducationHigher Education and Public PolicyFord School of Public PolicyPUBPOL 611Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentCommunity DevelopmentSchool of Social WorkSW650Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentEconomic Integration for Individuals in the Refugee Resettlement ProgramSchool of Social WorkSW713 - 003Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentStable and Integrated Housing for America's Working PoorSchool of Social WorkSW713 - 004Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentPoverty & InequalityFord School of Public PolicyPUBPOL 736Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentFood Systems: Implications of Unequal AccessSchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 501.055Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentPoverty, Environment, and InequalitySchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 594Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityBehavior and EnvironmentSchool of Social WorkSW710Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityPsychology of Climate ChangeFord School of Public PolicyPUBPOL 750Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityUrban SustainabilitySchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 537Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityClimate Change AdaptationSchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 677.041Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityEnergy JusticeSchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 501.018Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental FinanceSchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 501.014Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityFoundations of Sustainable Food SystemsSchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 501.038Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityNegotiating Skills In Environmental Dispute ResolutionSchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 533Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentIntroduction to Social Welfare Policy and ServicesSchool of Social WorkSW530Fall 17
OtherSocial Media for Social ChangeSchool of Social WorkSW799 - 007Fall 17
OtherSocial Change TheoriesSchool of Social WorkSW611Fall 17
OtherThe Science and Practice of Social ChangeSchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 510Fall 17
HealthPrinciples of Community Air PollutionSchool of Public HealthEHS582Fall 17
HealthPrinciples of Environmental Health SciencesSchool of Public HealthEHS500Fall 17
HealthSustainability and Environmental HealthSchool of Public HealthEHS410Winter 18
HealthWater and Global HealthSchool of Public HealthEHS614Winter 18
HealthIntroduction to Health Behavior Theory and ApproachesSchool of Public HealthHBEHED503Fall 17
HealthGlobal Public HealthSchool of Public HealthHBEHED617Fall 17
HealthSocial Networks and Social Support in Health EducationSchool of Public HealthHBEHED633Winter 18
HealthUrban HealthSchool of Public HealthHBEHED645Fall 17
HealthDesigning Consumer-Health TechnologiesSchool of Public HealthHBEHED684Winter 18
Children, Youth, and EducationIntroduction to Higher EducationSchool of EducationEDUC 561Fall 17
Children, Youth, and EducationPostsecondary Institutions as Complex OrganizationsSchool of EducationEDUC 761Fall 17
Children, Youth, and EducationCurrent Issues in Educational StudiesSchool of EducationEDUC 547Fall 17
Children, Youth, and EducationAdministrative Leadership in SchoolsSchool of EducationEDUC 553Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilityFoundations of Sustainable Food SystemsSchool of Literature, Science and the ArtsENVIRON 462Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentPedagogy of Empowerment: Activism in Race, Gender, and HealthSchool of Literature, Science and the ArtsWOMENSTD 443Fall 17
Environmental SustainabilitySustainable Energy SystemsSchool of Environment and SustainabilityNRE 574Fall 17



BBA Courses

Cause-Related Courses

Cause Area
Course Name
Affiliated School
Course No.
Term Offered
OtherSocial InequalitySchool of Language, Science and the ArtsAMCULT 221Fall 17
HealthIntro to Global HlthOtherNURS 420Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentCommunity Action for Social ChangeSchool of Social WorkSW305Fall 17
Community and Economic DevelopmentSocial MovementsSchool of Language, Science and the ArtsSOC 461Fall 17

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