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Impact Corps

Mission-Driven Partners

Impact Corps began in 1993 at the Ross School of Business as “Domestic Corps” and has since placed 386 summer interns in over 116 nonprofit organizations across the country. Through high-level sponsored internships, MBA and BBA students have assisted organizations with social enterprise opportunities, marketing strategies, strategic planning, finance, and other management-level projects.

Organizations served by our interns report overwhelmingly favorable results with their participation in the program, while students consistently report that their internship experience has challenged them beyond their expectations. Impact Corps projects have helped to transform numerous organizations.

“Our BBA intern was a huge asset. His skills and work output have exceeded all of our expectations by a large margin. I cannot overstate his value to us. If he were graduating, we’d offer him a job on the spot.”

– Chris Reynolds, former CFO of the Henry Ford Learning Institute

Becoming a Organizational Partner

Impact Corps partners with mission-driven organizations to offer projects that will provide a single student with the opportunity to help realize organizational growth over a period of 10 weeks during the summer. Typical projects include strategic planning, marketing, finance, new business development, or organizational development.

Critical elements for a successful summer internship require the organization’s leadership (agreed upon by both staff and board) to provide:

  • Challenging, senior-level assignments at a MBA and BBA level
  • Staff who will provide oversight and integration of the intern into the organization
  • Physical space and technical resources to support the interns in completing their assignments

In addition, employers are expected to contribute one half of the intern stipend, with the remaining salary and travel expenses covered by the Center. Exceptions to this rule are made on a case by case basis.

There are many factors we examine in considering an organization. Our selection criterion includes, but is not limited to:

  • Quality of leadership in the organization and assurance our students will have access to top leadership in the organization
  • Capacity to handle one or more interns and projects coordinated in such a way as to be integrated with the work of the organization
  • Challenging projects with measurable impact
  • Clear mission-driven organization and structure; organizations that are not nonprofits will require extra scrutiny.

If selected, our staff will work with you to publicize and recruit for your internships.


  • Late Fall: Organizations will be recruited to join the program
  • December: Organizations will be notified of whether they have been selected as a partner
  • January-April:  Students are recruited to select and apply for interested organizations
  • February: After we determine a strong match between a student and partner, we will contact the organization for a final interview before making an offer to the student
  • Mid-May through July: 10-week internships typically occur during this time but can be modified

 Application Process

Feel free to contact the Center for Social Impact to becoming an Impact Corps partner. You may contact us at (734) 763-4214 or via email at

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