Board Fellowship

“The Board Fellows Program provided us the opportunity to immediately engage with an impactful organization, and apply the foundation gained through our graduate curricula. We were able to tackle real issues facing the organization and make an impact that we hope will be long-lasting. Further, our knowledge of nonprofit governance accelerates our ability to make similar contributions throughout our careers.”

– Janelle Walwyn, MSW ’16 (left) & David Chang, MBA ’17 (right)

FAR Therapeutic Arts & Recreation

The Board Fellowship Program prepares graduate students for mission-driven leadership. Students develop project management and executive skills as board members of nonprofit organizations in Southeast Michigan.

This multidisciplinary program provides graduate students in our partner schools with real-world insight into the workings and procedures of a nonprofit board, and enables students to contribute to the organization’s success while building the tools to deliver social impact.

The program accepts applications from masters level students in the schools of business, social work, and public policy. This year a limited number of fellowship opportunities will be available for students in the schools of information, public health, and education.

Students apply to participate in this competitive program and are matched to organizations based on experience and interest. Students participating in the program must have:

  • A record of academic and professional excellence
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to the particular agency
  • Sensitivity and commitment to issues of community needs, financial concerns, and confidentiality
  • A commitment to serving the nonprofit sector

Board Fellow Responsibilities

Students serving as Board Fellows are expected to serve as a non-voting board member for one academic year, from mid-October through April. In addition, Board Fellows should:

  • Enroll in BA 601 “Governance of Nonprofit Organizations” in Fall B.
  • Attend all board meetings and serve on a board committee
  • Help with and attend special events, similar to other board members of the hosting organizations
  • Complete a board-level project which tackles complex organizational challenges
  • Commit approximately the same amount of time to the board as a full board member (8 hours a month)
  • Attend trainings and workshops hosted by the Center, as well as maintain program commitments