Board Fellowship

Application Information

Application Process

Student application goes live in Aug. 2018

Application instructions go live in Aug. 2018

Application instructions

Student Application and Instructions go live in Aug. 2018.

A completed application package will include:

  • Board Fellowship application
  • A 1-page personal statement with your name and email at the top. The statement should address the following questions:
    • Why do you want to participate in the Board Fellowship Program?
    • Is there a specific organization or type of organization that you are most drawn to? Why?
    • What skills are you interested in developing through your board service?
  • Current resume
  • Indication of one 30 minute time slot that you are available to interview in late Sept.
Board Fellows must possess:
  • A record of academic and professional excellence
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to particular nonprofits and their boards
  • Sensitivity to issues of community needs, financial concerns, and confidentiality
  • A commitment to the nonprofit sector

Regular Board Fellowship Timeline from Application to Launch

  • Mid-August: Student Board Fellowship Application (.doc) and Application Instructions (.pdf) made available
  • Mid-September : Students attend one of the two mandatory Board Fellowship Info Sessions in mid-Sept. The list of nonprofits and project details will be shared with attendees.
  • Mid-September: Student applications are due
  • Late-September: Select candidates will participate in first-round in-person interviews. Interviews will take place on campus, by appointment only.
  • Late September: Finalists will interview with nonprofit organizations
  • Early-October: Selected Board Fellows are notified
  • By Mid-October: Enroll in BA 601 for Fall B semester
  • Mid-October: Mandatory orientation for selected Fellows and nonprofit partners
  • Mid October – April: Students serve as Board Fellows, and attend various workshops and trainings throughout the year