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Ross Open Road


Ross Open Road

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs Across the Country

The Center for Social Impact believes in the power of bringing the capacity and skills of MBAs to social entrepreneurs in Michigan and around the country. Since its inaugural year in 2014, the Center for Social Impact has sponsored Ross student teams to participate in MBAs Across America, an organization that has sent groups of MBAs on a five-week road trip to work with visionary social entrepreneurs. Each team embarks on a five-week road trip across the country, spending each week with a different social entrepreneur along the way.

Now, MBAx has gone open source, with a program called Open Road, which is an initiative to share the MBAs Across America playbook with the world. Based on the lessons learned over the past two years, the toolkit is designed to help MBAs and others embark on their own journeys of impact in an effort to scale support for visionary entrepreneurs in communities far and wide.

For further information, visit the official student-run Ross Open Road website.

Apply for the 2017 Ross Open Road by Jan. 27, 2017!  Use the student application!

 “What makes Ross unique is that they are more than happy to fund students who want to do something a little different with their time. We’re really grateful for the support of the Center for Social Impact in allowing us to have this journey.”  — Jourdan Sutton, 2015 MBAx-er

2016 MBAx Open Road

During the month of May 2016, two teams from Ross took to the road to collaborate with social entrepreneurs across the United States.  To find out more about the 2016 trip of Team IBAM and Team SASA, visit their 2016 Ross Open Road Team page.  There you’ll find information on team members, team itineraries, partner organizations and destinations.  You can follow their experiences in 2016 by searching the hashtag #RossOpenRoad.

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