Past Challenges


2013 – Education Pioneers Growth Strategy

CSl Impact Challenge 2013 690x200

In 2013, the Challenge partner was Education Pioneers, a national nonprofit that attracts, prepares, and connects top leaders and managers to accelerate excellence in education. The Challenge focused on strategies to create a better pipeline of leaders into the education space with a focus on bringing talent to the City of Detroit.

Scott Morgan, CEO and Founder, served as a judge and keynote speaker for the Challenge. Additionally, an Education Leaders Forum and Awards program closed the competition with special guests  addressing an overall question:

  • How do we attract top education leaders and managers to Detroit?
    Scott Morgan – Founder & CEO, Education Pioneers
    Dan Varner – CEO, Excellent Schools Detroit
    Kendra Hearn – Asst. Professor, U-M School of Education
    Lesley Redwine – CEO & Superintendent, New Urban Learning
    Rishi Moudgil – Center’s Managing Director (moderator)

The top $2,500 prize went to team Focus Education: Nellie Tsai (MBA/MA ’13), Lauren Sheram (MPP ’14), Vinita Vishwanarayan (MBA ’13), and Stefana Vutova (MBA ’13).