1. Ten Impact Track Teams to Advance to Round 2 of Michigan Business Challenge

    December 7, 2016

    December 7, 2016 – Ann Arbor – Business Impact, Zell Lurie Institute and the Erb Institute thank all the teams and judges involved in Round One of this year’s Michigan Business Challenge! The competition at-large had a record-breaking 132 teams apply, and there were 37 teams that presented in the Impact Track. Once again, the overall strength of the competition was terrific. Twenty of the more than 100 teams that competed in Round One last Friday will move on to Round Two of MBC. A record ten teams will move on to Round Two of the MBC Impact Track.

    Round Two will take place on January 20, 2017 at the Ross School of Business.  The following teams will participate:

    Holly Price presents her proposal for Sage and Grace at Round 1 of the Michigan Business Challenge Impact Track.

    AIM Tech – Stephen John (MD ’19)
    AIM Tech has a desire to improve health care options for underserved groups on a global scale through the development of safe, user-friendly, low power, and affordable equipment.

    Chevuru – Samhita Shiledar (MS Sustainable Systems/MSE Chem E, ’17), Kavya Vayyasi (MS Sustainable Systems, ’17),  Aniket Deshmukh (PhD EECS ’18), Shamitha Keerthi (PhD Resource Ecology and Management,  Dec ’16)
    Chevuru uses data science to inform farmers’ agricultural decisions in developing countries to reduce suicide rates and debt risk while improving living standards.

    Find Your Ditto – Parisa Soraya (MHI’17)
    Find Your Ditto is a mobile application that connects individuals living with chronic illness locally to on-demand, in-person support.

    FoodFinder – Jack Griffin (BBA ’19)
    Using both a website and smartphone app, FoodFinder is a tool that delivers valuable information to food insecure children and their families to let them know exactly when and where they can receive free food assistance from resources such as food pantries, food kitchens, faith-based institutions, and co-ops.

    In-Network Lending – Blake Van Fleteren (MBA/MSW ’17), Brianna Brazell (MBA/MS ’17), Dave Spallina (MBA ’17)
    A peer-to-pool-to-peer community platform that incentivizes savings, while providing low-interest loans during times of need, all of which is kept in check by social capital between pool-members.

    Kladder LLC – Jaymon Ballew (JD/MBA ’18)
    Kladder is an online and mobile application that connects diverse professionals and offers unique industry insights based upon the experiences of these individuals.

    Reco – Joe Lacy (LSA ’19)
    Reco is an exchange for donations of surplus inventory.

    Ally Stewart and Bridget Henley present their proposal for Thrive at Round One of the Michigan Business Challenge Impact Track

    Sage & Grace – Holly Price (MBA ’17)
    Sage & Grace is a website and concierge service that educates and empowers grieving families to better, and more affordably, navigate the complications and stress of the American funeral planning process.

    SmallWorld – Elliott Brannon (MSTP ’22), Whit Froehlich, (MD ’19), Robert Cesaro (MD ’19)
    SmallWorld strengthens communities by facilitating high-quality connections between community members.

    Thrive – Ally Stewart (MBA ’17), Bridget Henley (MPH ’17)
    Thrive is the CPG company of the future, providing healthy, fresh snacks using food from local farmers.