Impact Corps – Summer

“This was a very beneficial internship and I learned a lot. I want to thank Business+Impact for this opportunity and the support provided. This internship changed my career path to something more food orientated, and I am excited about the future.” 

– Mark Green, MBA/MS ’19

Impact Corps

If you are a Ross School of Business MBA or BBA junior looking for a challenging, high-level, paid summer internship in a mission-driven organization, then consider applying for an Impact Corps summer internship. The Impact Corps program – formerly known as Domestic Corps – offers a variety of projects, including marketing, strategic planning, new business development, and civic consulting with leading nonprofits across the world.

Benefits of an Impact Corps Internship

  • MBA students have been historically compensated $10,000 and BBA students $6,000 for the 10 week internship; signing bonus and travel expenses are also a part of the compensation package
  • Gain professional knowledge and skills in nonprofit and cross-sector management
  • A concrete opportunity to integrate tools learned in the classroom in an applied, consulting engagement

2018 Impact Corps Projects

Impact Corps Internships for 2018 were set up with the following partner orgs, and the application process closed in late January 2018.

  • Civic Consulting Alliance
    The Summer Associate Program is a prestigious summer internship opportunity for graduate students to work in public sector consulting, create a civic network, and have a lasting, positive impact on Chicago and the broader region.
  • Environmental Defense Fund
    Student interns work with EDF staff, Walmart’s corporate sustainability team, Walmart merchants, Walmart suppliers, or another company that EDF closely partners with, in different product categories to identify areas of significant potential for product improvement in one or more environmental areas of importance to EDF.
  • Mission Throttle
    Mission Throttle is a social impact strategy firm dedicated to accelerating philanthropic innovation in communities. Student interns well help them advise, invest in and support mission-driven organizations that seek to use market-based strategies to address social and environmental challenges.