Our Partnerships with the Community

Take an active role in the educational experiences and leadership development of University of Michigan students who seek to make a positive impact.

Your nonprofit could host graduate student board fellows and benefit from the learning of business and public policy students. Your organization could propose projects to be offered in our +Impact Studio, where students work on regional impact projects for credit. If a Ross or Ford student works as an intern for you, we can help defray their salary costs. Finally, if your organization is looking to donate to a program that will have a meaningful impact on the next generation of changemakers, our giving program is tax deductible.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

— Sir Isaac Newton


Check out more on how to bring a board fellow into your local nonprofit, providing them with real world experience while advancing your mission.

Develop Educational strategy

As a member of our Business+Impact Advisory Board you can share on-the-ground knowledge and help direct our mission.


By providing scholarships, sponsoring events and hosting programs, your giving can help develop the next generation of impact leaders.