Business + Impact Visioning FAQs

What is Business + Impact?
This is a new initiative run out of the Dean’s Office, headed by Jerry Davis.

What is the Business + Impact Event Series?
It a series of four events, spread over the year, to determine how to best deliver on the Dean’s promise of creating business and impact at Ross (and the world at large).

Is there a set agenda for this series?
There is an overall trajectory for these meetings:

  • November 9-10: Clarify the purpose of Business+Impact at Ross
  • November 30-December 1: Specify “Must do” and “Must not do” operating principles
  • February 22-23: Design structure to launch B+I practices, products, and services
  • March 29-30: Make commitments to operate, evaluate, and sustain B+I

That looks pretty open ended. Why is that?
Because these meetings are an invitation for us all – faculty, students, alums, and key administrators – to come together to answer questions like these:
— How can our research create lasting impact on today’s pressing problems?
— How can students engage with Ross alumni whose organizations embrace the imperative to act on societal issues?
— How does our teaching embrace the apparent tension between profit and purpose?
Most important, these events are bottom-up, not top down, so even the questions we address need your input.

Meetings are boring. And these are long.
We agree. But don’t think of these as meetings. These are events organized to elicit divergent ideas, find what is best in each, and develop actionable plans. An outside group, Liberating Structures, will be helping us:

  • Liberating, as in: Unleash the best ideas
  • Structures, as in: Doing things with intention, organization, guided by techniques proven to produce results.

What if I can’t attend every second of every meeting?
We expect that. We also expect that once you attend, you’ll want to clear your calendar to stay. These events will be engaging! Liberating Structures build within and across meetings. So you can have maximum impact by attending as much as you can.

What if I’m not sold on “impact,” or don’t even know what that means?
Then by all means come. Remember, this is bottom up, and your views matter.

What is the format of the event series?
Each event starts with dinner on the first day and concludes by the end of the second day.

I still have questions.
Contact Jerry Davis (, or Michael Gordon ( from Business Impact, if you want more info.

How can I sign up?

Formal invitations will come soon to those who RSVP’d previously.