Board Fellowship

“The Board Fellows Program has been critical in rounding out my MBA, especially in understanding team dynamics…”

– Samuel Donaldson, MBA ’18
worked with MATRIX

The Board Fellowship Program prepares graduate students for mission-driven leadership. Students develop project management and executive skills as board members of nonprofit organizations in Southeast Michigan.

This multidisciplinary program provides graduate students in our partner schools with real-world insight into the workings and procedures of a nonprofit board, and enables students to contribute to the organization’s success while building the tools to deliver social impact.

The program is open to all U-M grad students, but primarily recruits students from the schools of business, public policy, and social work.

  • Students apply to participate in this competitive program and are matched to organizations based on experience and interest. Students participating in the program must have:
  • A record of academic and professional excellence
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to the particular agency
  • Sensitivity and commitment to issues of community needs, financial concerns, and confidentiality
  • A commitment to serving the nonprofit sector

Board Fellow Responsibilities

Students serving as Board Fellows are expected to serve as a non-voting board member for one academic year, from mid-October through April. In addition, Board Fellows should:

  • Enroll in BA 601, “Governance of Nonprofit Organizations” (Fall B semester), which provides an academic foundation for the Board Fellows Program.  This course is strongly recommended to any students considering applying for this program.
  • Attend all board meetings and serve on a board committee
  • Help with and attend special events, similar to other board members of the hosting organizations
  • Complete a board-level project which tackles complex organizational challenges
  • Commit approximately the same amount of time to the board as a full board member (8 hours a month)
  • Attend trainings and workshops hosted by the Center, as well as maintain program commitments
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