MBC – Impact Track

Michigan Business Challenge Seigle Impact Track

Track key dates for the 2019 MBC Seigle Impact Track!


Ross’ Seigle Impact Track is part of the campus-wide Michigan Business Challenge, in partnership with the Zell Lurie and Erb Institutes. The competition awards a $26,000 prize pool to the most compelling business plans that deliver social or environmental impact, and the top social impact team could win more than $50,000 in total prizes!

The winning team’s business plan must meet all MBC criteria as well as these requirements:

  • Clearly identify social/environmental issue
  • Articulate target population served; priority given to businesses targeting underserved populations 
  • Identify social impact outcomes and key metrics with validation from community resources
  • Build a financially sustainable, scalable business model; priority given to businesses whose social mission is embedded into a scalable business model 
  • Competitive teams will be able to demonstrate market or beta testing of their product/service viability, as well as steps taken towards prototyping and customer acquisition

Teams enter the multistage Michigan Business Challenge in the fall and by Round Two must submit additional social or environmental impact considerations as part of their deliverable. View additional application information.

Benefits of Participating

  • Chance to win cash prizes to launch your social venture
  • Receive valuable feedback about your concept, pitch, and business plan
  • Build presentation skills and strengthen business acumen
  • Engage with students from across campus, experts, leaders, and funders


  • Prepare to participate by looking over the timeline below
  • Learn what to expect by looking over competitions from 2016 and 2015

Key Dates for 2019 Challenge

  • October 30th – Information session @ 5 pm/ 2019 application 
  • November 5 – Application due by 8 am (emailed to
  • November 7 @ 5 pm – How to Pitch workshop
  • November – February – Startup Workshops offered at Ross
  • November 15-16 – Qualifying Round
  • November 30 – Round One Competition
  • February 8 – Round Two Competition
  • March –  Impact Track Finalists announced
  • March 15 – Impact Track Finals